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Everyone has started to move towards recreational and natural remedial substances when it comes to the modern age. Not only do such supplements have therapeutic benefits, but they also have minimal or less-known side effects than the prescribed medications. On the other hand, hemp oil is such supplement that users utilize the most and is backed by several authorities in the United States.

Besides, hemp gained significant ground after the introduction of the Farm Bill in 2018, after which it got legalized in all fifty states.

Understanding Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp originates from the Sativa plant, which is known to have several health benefits. Many newbie users confuse hemp and marijuana as both originate from cannabis. This oil, however, is green in color and developed through the method of cold-pressing hemp seeds.

Another factor to consider while studying – how different is it from CBD? While hemp plants comprise 12-18% of CBD fractions and less than 0.3% THC, this oil has no CBD traces, with a THC level of 0%. This is because the hemp oil is directly pressed from the seeds, whereas CBD oil is extracted using the entire plant, which comprises other cannabinoids, such as THC. Due to meager THC levels, the seed oil can’t produce the mind-altering effects that most marijuana users experience due to its richness in THC levels.

Even though hemp seed oil has many benefits that you can experience by incorporating it into your routine lifestyle, more and more users have started using the oil to maintain hair and scalp health.

Those who want to look up hemp products like capsules, hemp oil, or CBD hemp flowers under a single roof can check the online stores if they fail to find them on the market. But, moving on, let us shed some light on how this seed oil benefits your scalp and hair.

Helps in moisturizing

In the region where the temperatures are high and dry, people face issues like dry scalp, which damages the health of both hair and scalp. Thus, it is essential to keep the scalp moisturized for excellent nurturing.

With the assistance of hemp seed oil, your hair can experience less water loss and keep the scalp from dehydrating now and then. Moreover, the oil helps the scalp and hair in dry weather and also gets absorbed quickly. Such a method can alleviate the chances of it getting sticky and damaging your hair. As a result, if you reside in an area that has an unregulated temperature or climate, make certain you keep this seed oil ready from the get-go.

It helps in stimulating hair growth.

Hair growth is considered to be one of the significant concerns that a user faces. Incorporating hemp seed oil into your meals and lifestyle might help you in many different ways, some of which are through fatty acids, such as Omega 3, 6, and 9. These fatty acids are essential for accommodating hair growth.

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Since hair is made up of keratin, approximately 90% of it is protein. Many users experience hair loss and damaged scalp because of a lack of protein. One can simply deal with this issue with the assistance of high-quality hemp seed oil. The oil helps boost blood circulation through the scalp and nourishes the hair follicles to make way for their seamless growth. One of the researches also proves that such a kind of oil can help stimulate hair growth by keeping unwanted substances away from entering hair follicles.

It helps in preventing hair breakage.

At times, people face hair problems like split ends, which further lead to hair breakage. Not only does such an issue damage hair health, but it also makes it embarrassing for you to bear. More often, natural substances and supplements have been brought to use by users to deal naturally without further causing hair damage.

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The oil helps strengthen the hair by naturally activating the defense barrier. It is rich in proteins, fatty acids, and GLA that help your hair gain much-need strengthening. A study done in the year 2015 shows that hemp seed oil can improve hair diameter and density.

Omega fatty acids are helpful.

Many know the compound’s healing properties, but not many know the importance of its fatty acids. Because of omega 9’s consistency, the oil helps restore the moisture, whereas the other two fatty acids help protect and nourish hair.

Omega-six is another vital nutrient that helps vitalize the scalp, as it has GLA. Omega 9, however, keeps the scalp and hair’s health intact. Omega 3 circulates blood and builds the agility to encounter hair problems.

Stearic acid is vital for the scalp and hair.

Many people face issues with dirt, which stops hair from growing seamlessly without any damage. The hemp seed oil has stearic acid, which withstands hair damage and provides natural conditioning. Also, because of the acid’s properties, it helps in making your scalp supple and robust.

How we chose

Experts today select products that meet the criteria given in the rundown:

  • Ingredients – Products that list all ingredients.
  • Price – Products that are available for an array of budgets.
  • Safety – Products that contain ingredients safe for topical use.
  • Skin concerns – Products that target a specific skin concern like dryness or oiliness.
  • Reputable – Products that are from companies that match industry best practices.

The best hemp seed oil hair products

Some hemp oil products that incorporate hemp seed oil comprise conditioners and shampoos with low oil concentrations. Besides, other products are pure seed oil that users can apply directly to the scalp and hair.

The following pointers will look at some products that you can consider. Moreover, know that these are selected by experts and not specific users, and the effects on hair and scalp might differ from user to user. 

Organic Pure Hemp Seed Oil Shampoo

Remember, the formulation of such products tends to aim to moisturize, strengthen, and restore all hair forms and types. Even the manufacturer states that all their products feature a combination of hemp proteins, hemp seed oil, and hemp extracts to reduce frizz, promote shine, and support dry ends.

If you plan on buying the product, the 16-ounce (oz) bottles are available online for approximately $25 on their website.

Hemp Seed Oil Shampoo – Love Beauty and Planet 

This is one of the shampoos that contain coconut oil, hemp seed oil, plant-based cleansers, and nana leaves. Besides, the manufacturer claims that the woody, fresh scent of nana leaf boosts relaxation and promotes a sense of balance. As a result, if you plan on buying this Love and Beauty Planet shampoo made of hemp seed oil, get the 13.5-fluid ounce bottle for close to $7 from their website or other commerce stores.

Hemp Seed Oil Conditioner + Maui Moisture Fortifying

Do you have dry hair that needs regular conditioning to boost its growth? You would be thrilled to know that the manufacturers have designed this product to prevent breakage in dry hair. Its formula comprises hemp seed oil, aloe vera, and cacao butter to enhance and boost hair strength while keeping your hair soft. For this product, purchase a 13-fl oz bottle online for $7.

Wellness Organic Hemp Seed Oil Hair Serum For Heat Protection

The manufacturer has formulated the hair serum to offer all hair forms and types the protection and strength essential to handle the heat. This hair serum’s cold-pressed hemp seed oil offers vital vitamins and minerals. However, the company website doesn’t state the precise quantity, but a bottle of this product can be purchased online for approximately $50.

OKAY Shea Leave and Hemp Seed Conditioner

The manufacturer has claimed that this shea leave-in conditioner enhances hair growth and prevents hair breakage. The product does this by strengthening and moisturizing every strand. Are you interested in this product? Get an 8-fl oz bottle online for close to $12.

Hempz Herbal Whipped Hair Mask &Creme Conditioner

Hempz has stated that the hair mask can revive dry hair by combining shea butter, hemp seed oil, cogon grass extract, and pomegranate extract. This conditioner, scented with peach and grapefruit, can help hydrate your hair and leave it lustrous and soft. Interested users and buyers can buy this creme conditioner for close to $33.

Final thoughts

One of the biggest challenges people face nowadays is to keep their scalp’s health intact. And, it is better if done through natural means and supplements. Hemp is considered one of the safest natural compounds that help clean and moisturize your hair and alleviate scalp inflammation. Moreover, you have an opportunity to incorporate such an ingredient through many forms and applications. However, in the end, a user must get in touch with a healthcare provider before integrating hemp products into their diet and lifestyle. That is because it is essential to know if the substance does not interact with your ongoing medication.