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Cannabidiol, also called CBD, is rapidly becoming famous in the health sector. It is one of the 120 substances found in the marijuana plant. It has many advantages. CBD doesn’t make you “high” like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and marijuana do. It helps to reduce pain, sickness, and side effects of other diseases.

With an increase in the number of CBD users to treat different side effects, you can also start to use CBD during pregnancy.


Why do experts consider CBD unsafe during pregnancy?

CBD doesn’t make you “high” as THC does. This makes CBD safe for use during pregnancy, but doctors ask to stay away from it.

The research on CBD and pregnancy is limited. Also, most of the existing research is done only on animals. Additionally, the side effects of these tests have raised a few issues.

A 2019 study told that cannabinoids can weaken the immunity of babies.

The researchers noticed that cannabinoids work by stopping CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body. THC and CBD can interact with these receptors. It can cause side effects during pregnancy.

Future research may help to understand the risks of CBD use during pregnancy.

Contaminated CBD products also pose a risk

Some medical experts tell that pregnant women could unknowingly consume unhealthy CBD products.

CBD products are easily available in nearby supermarkets and online stores due to the increase in their demands.

Obviously, not all CBD products are of high quality. Quality product has lab reports showing that it has been tested for impurities, pesticides, and metals.

Specialists suggest to avoid THC during pregnancy since research proposes it can:

influence the academic growth of the baby in future
increase risk for autism, learning disorders, and intellectual disabilities

Other side effects to consider
Remember that CBD can cause some side effects, like:

Appetite changes, etc.

CBD can interact with some drugs. Whether you’re pregnant or not, you must discuss with physician about using CBD.

These side effects won’t be very harmful, especially when you’re having pain. However, the greatest problem with CBD use during pregnancy comes is the lack of research.

Specialists have no knowledge of what CBD does for baby health, and what they know has a few problems.

Getting support
There’s no doubt that pregnancy can cause a lot of problems. While the sickness goes away after a couple of months, different side effects, like pain, stress, and sleep deprivation, can remain throughout the pregnancy.

It is best to share any side effects you notice or any inquiries about drugs with your physician.

Your physician can prescribe medicines and home remedies to help with pregnancy-related problems. Keeping your physician updated on your side effects can help with understanding indications of more serious problems.

It includes emotional side effects, as well. You might like to avoid antidepressants during pregnancy. That doesn’t mean you should not treat the side effects of uneasiness.

A specialist can offer help with safe treatment during pregnancy.

The bottom line

You could feel tempted to use CBD to help with the problems related to pregnancy. But, specialists suggest avoiding using marijuana products during pregnancy.

Your physician can give suggestions for safer options to improve emotional health during pregnancy.

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